Being in the cold and windy city of Chicago, one thing all of us at FLIRT always look forward to is summer! Between the many festivals, beautiful beaches, and outdoor events, it’s rather easy to find ways to stay busy in the sunshine. As a team we try to make the most of the season, even when we have to spend days in the office. We’ve taken boat trips on Lake Michigan, attended White Sox games, and we try to eat lunch outside as often as we can whether it be on our rooftop or across the street in Millenium Park.  Besides our outings with the office, Chicago summers are also a blast for family, friends, and even solo outings. Here’s the FLIRT guide to making the most of the summer in Chicago:

  1. Beach days

Being in the Midwest, typically people don’t think of Chicago as having beaches. Contrary to their belief we have lots of beaches that are brimming with beauty! There’s a different beach for whatever activity you’re looking for. Whether it’s volleyball, taking the dogs out, or just getting some sun, there’s the perfect place for every beach lover out there. Follow this guide to find exactly the beach fits your day the best.



  1. Music

For any big city, and many small ones as well, summer is the opportune time to emerge yourself into the local music scene. Besides just your big name music festivals like Lollapalooza or North Coast, there are less expensive and more versatile selections of music to hear all around the city. Check out this list for an amazing selection of music to experience this summer.

  1. Food Trucks

I’ve mentioned before how we at FLIRT love food, but seriously, the FLIRT family consists of a big group of foodies. So if your anything like us, coming across a delicious food truck on a beautiful summer outing is more than blissful. Here you can track your favorite food trucks to see where they’re going to be, when, and what’s on the daily menu.

  1. Street Festivals

Besides just music, during the summer you can find all sorts of festivals that take over the streets of Chicago. Whether it’s art, food, or a cultural event, street festivals are flowing with variety around this gorgeous city. If you need a street festival survival guide, check out this blog by our very own Mae Quach.

  1. Movies in the park

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? The only thing better than cuddling up on your couch to watch one of your classic favorites, is gathering outside on a chilly summer night with all of your fellow Chicagoans. Every summer, The Millenium Park Film Series takes place in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and shows a movie every Tuesday night. So pack a picnic dinner, and grab your friends and family, because this is an ideal fun and free summer activity. Check out this list for the movie schedule.