Super Bowl 49 is around the corner, which means one thing for the 184 million Americans planning to watch the big game: a party complete with friends, tables of food and a minimal amount of time actually watching the game. I have found 1422463197_budweiser-lost-dog-zoommyself to be a prime example of a person that goes to Super Bowl parties to spend time eating and watching parts of the game but my main focus is always on the media. According to The National Retail Federation, I am just like 42% of Super Bowl watchers in this sense. To see other game day facts such as, “9% of watchers will buy new TV’s just for the game”, click here.

True football and media fans alike know that you should never show up to a party without one of their finest dips and crescent roll wrapped somethings. But you also have to prep yourself for all of that game day chatter. Here are a few things that you should be ready to talk about as you hover over the cocktail weenie dish:

The Super Bowl is not an event that naturally makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but the annual Puppy Bowl might just do the trick. This year, it is not just puppies waddling around for watchers to bask in their cuteness, but there will be competition. With team Fluff against team Ruff, a score will be kept – I am not totally sure how this will work, but of course, it will be watched. Check out this year’s furry lineup here.

If the puppies were not cute enough for you, Dove released their commercial early and it is quite the tear-jerker. With their previous ads being targeted towards women, they wanted to focus more on men, and in this ad; on fathers. Various children are shown saying “Daddy”, while taking part in typical father-child events. This is one you might want to watch before game day just to get the crying out of the way, and you can find it right here. Good luck Dads!

Being a Millennial and growing up with the internet, it is strange to think that in 1994 people were still trying the answer the question “what really is the internet?” In BMW’s Super bowl commercial, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble are shown in an early 90’s interview  asking the very same question. The commercial goes on to show them in BMW’s new i3 vehicle. Yea…I don’t know what i3 means either, but BMW’s message is it will grow on us just like the internet did. Check out the bold claim here.

Lastly, as if the Puppy Bowl won’t be adorable enough, here is Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl ad. This commercial needs little explanation prior to watching, we all know it includes an adorable puppy…You’re welcome.