ccm_THG_logo_mainThe majority of the time, Halloween is associated with vampires, jack-o-lanterns and ghosts, and the creativity behind the holiday is often forgotten, but for The Halloween Gathering, this was not the case. Leading up to this past Halloween, FLIRT was selected as the agency responsible for all of the visual branding for the event, allowing us to really show our creativity as well as assist with such an amazing and original event here in Chicago.

This event is made possible by the Chicago Cultural Mile Association, a foundation committed to bringing awareness to the part of Michigan Avenue south of the Chicago River, known as the “Cultural Mile”. This vibrant section stretches along Michigan Avenue from the Chicago River to Roosevelt and eastward to the Museum Campus. It houses numerous creative institutions such as the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago; historic real estate such as The Fine Arts Building; and public service monuments such as a the Cultural Center. The Halloween Gathering is intended to bring all of these units of Chicago’s creative community together to celebrate the artists’ holiday through workshops and theater performances during the day and a spectacle parade at night that included 80 of Chicago’s artistic groups.

FLIRT was able to contribute to this event in some of the ways we know best. Our responsibilities included assisting with overall event and stage production as well as designing the visual branding/promotions for the evenSkully_FINALt. From directional signage throughout Millennium Park to advertisements on CTA buses and train cars – we created it all! Our favorite bit that was conjured up was the theme logo for the event. What we call the “Creative Skull” (pictured right) is an original logo that encompasses all of the stunning aspects of the Chicago Cultural Mile. It includes Sue from the Field Museum, The Tiffany ceiling found in The Cultural Center, one of the famous Art Institute lion statues and more. But our excitement about this event didn’t come to an end when all the branding was complete. We could not wait to see it all come together after the months of preparation with the Chicago Cultural Mile Association.

During the day we were blown away by the masses of people creating crafts in the Conjure Tent, viewing theater performances at the Wrigley Stage and partaking in dance workshops at the Enchant Stage. Once evening hit, everyone then gathered for the spectacle parade along Columbus Drive, which was packed with dancers, artists and even flame throwers. Seeing this diverse group of people come together to celebrate this holiday was truly remarkable, and we can’t wait to get started on plans for next year!

For more information and pictures from the event, head to The Halloween Gathering website and Facebook page.