Some of the best and easiest ways to attract future clients and customers are to show how you are unique, what inspires you as a team and how you let loose in and out of the office. Facebook and Twitter have been helping to make this simpler for businesses over the last few years but Instagram is one of the most recent to take off in the realm of marketing. It may seem to be oversaturated with selfies and photos of current meals but not for long.

According to Instagram, it has over 300 million users, 70 million+ photos and videos are sent daily and 70% of users are from outside the United States. Businesses are now taking advantage of the exposure that it brings to their target audience – not only pertaining to their product or service but to their culture as well. These numbers alone show that this is a growing tool and comp2015-07-10-1436563527-9728557-InstaImageanies are learning to utilize it more in their marketing strategy by implementing the usage of hash tags, posting contests and sharing internal events.  Scrolling though Instagram it is apparent which companies have figured out the perfect social media equation by integrating Instagram into their marketing strategy.

Here at FLIRT we are working daily to grow our social media presence and we are aiming to develop our Instagram over the next few months to showcase even more of our personality and culture.  In this process we have followed some Instagram accounts that we enjoy viewing and pulling inspiration from every day:

Surface Magazine: @Surfacemag

This is an American magazine of global contemporary design; their photos show design elements ranging from digital art to office designs. Their most recent “contest” encouraged viewers to take photos of their offices and share for a change to be featured on their page; companies are looking to be recognized and Surface also gets attention – it’s a win/win!

Nike: @Nike

Everyone knows who Nike is, and their uploaded pictures are just as noteworthy. From athletic motivation to scenic horizons, they always make for an inspirational picture in your feed – they have mastered the art of making their promotion seem effortless.

American Express: @Americanexpress

This top company has created a flawless way of uploading an esthetically beautiful picture while sneaking their product in the image in the slightest way. Whether they are showing food, products or locations you can somehow always tell that American Express has branded the image.

Sharpie: @Sharpie

Sharpie puts a unique twist on their Instagram uploads by using Sharpie markers to create all of their images. This detail not only makes for intriguing art but it also incorporates their product and showcases the usefulness and versatility of it.