At FLIRT we are committed to ensuring that creativity is top of mind. As you can imagine, this gets hard to do at times, as we all get busy running around in 100 different directions. We believe we’ve found a way to keep creativity alive: Creative Inspiration Lunches!

Every month we come together over some delicious grub, and share something that has inspired us in the recent weeks. It can be a really cool product, service, case study, technology, event, or anything else that has struck our fancy.

Every team member has 5-10 minutes to share an idea they’ve discovered. Each idea is kept a surprise until the lunch and each team member is responsible for sharing their own idea and how it could apply to our business!

We then take each idea and add it to our “Inspiration Pipeline,” which has now become our go-to in a creative jam.

Here were just a few ideas presented in our lunch this month:

  • Make It Count – With a money advance and a prompt to make it count from Nike, this is how filmmaker Casey Neistat spent the entire budget traveling the world in just 10 days!
  • Artify It – Artify It is a subscription service for fine art. Subscribers take advantage of the catalogue and enjoy pieces of high quality, original art for a low monthly fee.
  • Powerpoint Karaoke – Candidates present an unknown PowerPoint to the audience, improv style. The winner is determined by votes from the audience!
  • Infographic: The Most Powerful Colors in the World: The colors in the brands from the top 100 sites in the world!
  • Whitey Board – “If you can jot it, we got it”- innovative and inexpensive alternatives to traditional whiteboards!
  • OpenService for Mary Kay – Mary Kay broadcasts targeted messages to employees and visitors using the OpenService solution.
  • Scott Gundersen’s New Life for Old Corks – The corks, in all different hues and shades, are used as the “paint” that brings to life the contours and shadows of his subject’s face. When embarking upon a new piece, Gundersen photographs his model, then draws the face from the photograph, and finally sets to pinning the corks into place against the canvas until the face begins to take shape—from blank to finished, a single portrait can take over 200 hours and 9000 corks!
  • Aurasma – Aurasma is a free augmented reality platform that lets you discover, create and share amazing virtual content, integrated into the real world.

The clear favorite this month…Aurasma!

So what’s your organization doing to keep creativity alive?