urlBrands and businesses are constantly searching for new ways to engage their audience and have often turned to social media. The latest craze of social media apps is Snapchat. With an estimated 100 million daily users and 400 million snaps (pictures) shared per day it’s a no brainer that corporations would try to tap into Snapchat to share their brand. However, using Snapchat to develop corporate identity has its own challenges and benefits. The challenge of Snapchat is that a post only last seconds before they’re gone so every second has to be useful and memorable. This also plays into the benefit of Snapchat. Since Snapchat lives in the moment it can make posts feel more personal and exclusive, which is the key to using it successfully as a brand. Corporate Snapchats have taken advantage of exclusivity in many ways, some of which are a mini movie, behind the scenes content, and product announcements.

Taco Bell pushed the boundaries of Snapchat by creating a mini movie to announce their Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. Using strategic timing they took advantage of MTV’s Movie Awards, Doritos Tacos, and Snapchat all at the same time. The six minute movie was filmed on the red carpet and uploaded while parts were still being made. This is an example of how to not only use Snapchat in an ingenious way but also how to use it in sync with events to launch a product.

Although behind the scene content is geared toward more serious fans, many corporations have used the rare insight to promote themselves. This strategy has been particularly useful for sports organizations or any brand that interacts with celebrities. The NBA, McDonalds, The Association of Surfing Professionals, and Free People have all used Snapchat to give fans an inside look.

Another method of reaching the more serious followers of a brand is by announcing products on Snapchat. Some brands, like Free People, have released their new work casually by just showing sneak peaks. While others, like Acura, inspire competition by limiting the content to only the first 100 users. Either use of announcements through Snapchat brings attention to the brand and gives fans a reason to brag.

Exclusiveness is the key to corporate identity on Snapchat. It’s a chance to get personal with an audience and also show appreciation for their loyalty. Posting content on Snapchat is an easy way to highlight a new feature or product and reward followers at the same time. Sure snaps only last for a few seconds, but brands have proven only a moment is needed to make a memorable experience and build a strong identity.