According to the United States Census Bureau, Millennials account for a staggering 83.1 million or a quarter of the nation’s population, surpassing the size of our baby boomer parents by a whopping 7.7 million. Millennials are currently between the ages of 18 and 34, born between 1982 and 2000, and are quickly taking the workforce by storm, but don’t let all of that intimidate you.wordcloud-1

Being a millennial myself, I can be the first to tell you that we were born at a time of technological innovation making us a little different from generations past.  We have a digital “sixth” sense, naturally because we grew up with the immediate expansion of the Internet. We’re social beings who are not only accustomed to every aspect of our lives being shared, tweeted, and instagrammed, but we are also deeply interested and motivated by other people. Though optimistic, we have high expectations about what the future holds and truly relish in the idea of the “team” effort. Don’t be too quick to judge us without understanding that Millennials in the workplace are mostly these 5 things:

1. Eager

We are ready to learn, to grow, to absorb everything and anything we can get our hands on. We are deeply anxious to get involved, be entrusted with responsibility, and awarded the opportunity to interact with the “real” world.

2. Digitally Nativesocialmedia

The digital world is our home. We can navigate the Internet, respond to emails, post on social media, while texting with ease, and all before noon! We’re social beings who think expansively in terms of how
each idea transcends and affects every party involved.

3. Dedicated

We commit to our work. We want to be challenged and given a sense of purpose. We invest ourselves in the workplace not only because we want to expand our skills to reach our potential, but also because we want our work to be appreciated. We flourish when praised for completing demanding and difficult tasks. Please critique us, we crave feedback because we’re constantly reaching for improvement.

4. Adaptive

We’re not afraid of change, in fact, we invite it! We’re excited that ever-evolving technology and our flexibility to learn and master new mediums are helping the industry progress. We live in a world where information is readily available; therefore, when we don’t know something we look to the Internet, and then self-teach, asking plenty of questions along the way.

5. Crave Impact

We want to make the world a better place and see our efforts through. We care about sustainability, the environment, and most importantly, people. When Millennials Instagram, they’re looking to get connected with others and share  support for causes like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Suicide Prevention, and of course animal cuteness. We are problem-solvers, have civic-minds, and our ultimate goal is to create a happy, healthy lifestyle.


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