Several FLIRTies attended EXHIBITOR 2013 in Las Vegas last week, the biggest conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketers presented by Exhibitor Magazine. We aimed to observe the latest in technology trends and pinpoint the innovations that could enhance the events that FLIRT orchestrates for its clients. Our favorite observations included:

Projection technology products

  • A mannequin’s face can be superimposed with a video, pre-recorded by an actor, thanks to PeopleVisionFX. Truly brings an inanimate object to life and saves a trade show booth representative from repeating themselves all day!
  • The Inside Track’s interactive images can be projected on the floor. Picture an image of a pond with swimming fish projected beneath you and the pond rippling when you touched it with your foot!

Fresh perspective on digital screens

  • Screens from PSAV can allow interaction for up to 16 users – moving, interacting and playing with various programs.
  • RichTech kiosk technology that integrates print with digital, taking the event landscape and atmosphere to the next level.

We did feel that the showroom floor was lacking in ways to elevate attendees’ senses. Because FLIRT’s events and experiences seek to drive emotion and engagement, we were looking for new and interesting sensory solutions to further stimulate attendees. There were plenty of booths showcasing incentives, tchotchkes, display hardware, flooring and carpeting samples but not many that were there to provoke exhibit or event space emotion.

Overall, the conference reminded us that there are countless methods to capture attendee attention, stimulate them with technology and impact them more effectively once they’re at an event. We hope that next year features more immersive sensory experiences that drive emotion, impact and meaning!

Were you at the National Exhibitors Conference? What technology, trends and event solutions stood out to you?