With the start of the new year, we took a few moments to evaluate what our priorities should be in 2013 — some light-hearted, some serious. Take a look! Maybe they can serve as an inspiration for YOUR 2013.
  1. Be in the moment.
    It is so easy to be thinking about the next thing on our to-do lists or our next priority rather than focus on the moment. We are dedicating ourselves to being better listeners, more involved in the here and now.
  2. Prioritize what matters.
    FLIRTies feel the most rewarded when we’re working on pro bono projects or supporting our favorite Chicago charities. We’re planning to prioritize those opportunities even more in 2013.
  3. Restructure.
    With our recent staff growth, we’re re-evaluating our internal organizational structure. It’s important for us to re-identify position responsibilities, company processes and culture characteristics to ensure that we remain successful.
  4. Throw in some diversity.
    Clients come in all different shapes and sizes and we want our portfolio to reflect that so our minds are constantly learning from new challenges.
  5. Build on our brand.
    With the 2012 launch of FLIRT’s visual identity and brand messaging, we’re excited to build on it as our capabilities, employees and clients continue to change and prosper.
  6. Get a few gold medals.
    It’s hard not to like a pat on the back! We’d love if 2013 brought us a few more accolades for our Wall of Fame. Though client needs come first, creating award-winning work is always back of mind.
  7. Squash negativity.
    With a view of Millennium Park from our conference room (Fishbowl), an office full of beautiful artwork from teenagers of After School Matters and cubicle bulletin boards that could boost any mood (see our favorite meme to the right)—it’s hard to be negative. Sometimes, though, it’s important to remind ourselves just how lucky we are.
  8. Communicate.
    We are a communications company, after all, so we resolve to further develop our presentation skills in 2013. There’s no such thing as being too good of a talker, right?
  9. Help our kitchen lose weight.
    If our company name wasn’t FLIRT Communications, it would surely be FLIRT Foodies. And though we’re not fooling ourselves into thinking that replacing chips and chocolate with fruit will last longer than a week, what’s a New Year’s Resolutions list without health goals?
  10. Be in the flesh.
    We rock events like they’re our job (pun intended) but sometimes even WE forget how important it is to be face-to-face. 2013 will be filled with less conference calls and more in-person meetings with clients and FLIRT team members that work remotely.
  11. The bottom line.
    ROI is important and we analyze and strategize until we know what success looks like. But we also resolve to increase our ROI in client and co-worker relationships, giving through pro-bono and being healthy FLIRTies.
  12. Make some friends.
    We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing vendors, freelancers and partners and we have a feeling we’ll start some new business friendships in 2013. We’re looking forward to it!
  13. Filter ourselves.
    It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we have an “Open to Swearing” office. No promises, but we’ll work on it…
  14. Show 2012 what fun means.
    Last year was packed with Sox games, bonfires, Cirque de Soleil shows, rooftop happy hours…you name it! But we’re determined to make 2013 outings out-do those from 2012. All work, all play in our opinion.
  15. Preach the 3 R’s.
    Research, ROI and Rules. Research until you know too much; analyze and strategize until ROI stares you in the face; challenge the rules. That’s part of FLIRT’s secret sauce.

Has your team established some New Year’s Resolutions for 2013? We’d love to hear them!

Image courtesy of Mashable.