FLIRT communications is in the business of building communities through the production of events. We’ve enabled and empowered our corporate clients, their coworkers and partners alike to gather together and celebrate personal achievements, share inspiration and business successes, and launch revolutionary new products. FLIRT understands that unity, a feeling of “Oneness,” is the product of uniting different perspectives and experiences to harmoniously serve one goal, and we imbue every event we design with these feelings of unity.

Fostering a sense of unity begins with crafting an event atmosphere that puts the guests’ minds at ease; where teams dare to innovate together without the fear of failure. We put a lot of thought into our events and into crafting unifying messages and experiences, because we want audiences to be in a comfortable space where deep connections can be made and bold new relationships can take hold. One of our initiatives is to foster that feeling of unity at our public events in the city of Chicago.

FLIRT has recently taken that feeling of unity OUTSIDE, by taking what we have to offer inside venues and bringing it directly to local residents. Beyond the confines of a meeting room, the outdoors are where FLIRT can engage with larger crowds on a greater scale. FLIRT has brought our branding and experiential marketing expertise to Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Chicago’s The Halloween Gathering. We value these powerful partnerships because they allow us to get outside as active participants in the awesome city we call home, and because they give us the opportunity to unify the citizens of Chicago.

Leaving our mark on the streets of Chicago presents a unique challenge to us as creators, because we are striving to create an experience with a pulse as vibrant as the city. Our job is to deliver a brand strategy that ties the event together and unifies attendees under one image.

Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Chicago’s The Halloween Gathering events elevate a sense of community, pride, family, and pure joy around Chicago. Much like our corporate audiences, our Chicago audiences are diverse and demand a tailored approach to event planning. All of this goes hand-in-hand with our overarching mission of unity: bringing Chicago together with one mind, one feeling, and a commitment towards one goal.

Written by Michael Petan

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