The battle between the two social media giants ensues with the fight for new followers, features, and filters. Both platforms roughly operate in the same way, but have key characteristics which set them apart and have some users running to Instagram and others to Snapchat. Which one will emerge the ultimate platform?

We took a look at four features that both platforms have and compared the main differences and similarities to find out which one comes out on top.


  • On Snapchat stories are now within your own personal feed. Kinda weird, we know. Snapchat’s dramatic redesign places stories within your feed instead of the promotional page. Not only are they in your personal feed now, but the company has also separated celebrities and influencers’ stories from your friends and family.
  • On Instagram stories are located at the top of your personal feed and the discovery page. The personal feed only features the people you follow while the discovery page displays popular content from celebrities, brands, or social media influencers. For years, Snapchat was the only platform for stories, but Instagram might be giving them a run for their money.


  • On Snapchat messaging can be quite personal as most users’ accounts are only viewable for friends and family. In that sense, messaging is direct and disappears moments after, which adds another element of secrecy and therefore privacy. Snapchat also allows group chats for fun messaging within your small group of friends, customizable stories (maybe not everyone should see your Saturday night story) quick disappearing chats. Although, downside being, who always remembers every snapchat they send?
  • On Instagram messaging is largely based off the pictures you post which differs from Snapchat’s solely direct messaging and stories that disappear within 24 hours. Insta creates a community of users who can connect by direct messaging. Whether its commenting directly on someone’s photo of their glorious avocado toast or just saying hi, the messaging feature is pretty straight forward and looks like it too.


  • On Snapchat face filters have reigned supreme for as long as anyone can remember. Who doesn’t love the puppy filter or floral crown filter that makes you look like a goddess? The OG of filters constantly creates new filters to add to your selfie obsession. Their face filters are always on point with satisfaction across the board.
  • Snapchat’s geofilters and stickers have always gone hand in hand with the social media giant. From playful geofilters that let everyone know you went to that trendy coffee spot on the corner to custom filters you make yourself, the platform allows for fun location markers.
  • Augmented reality is one of the coolest tech advances so who wouldn’t want to join in? Unlike Insta, Snapchat incorporates a bit of AR into its user experience that a completely different element of fun.
  • Stickers have always been a part of Snapchat’s stories and they can also be incorporated into chats. While stickers originated here, there a few updates with new options to try which can get boring. But, with the new redesign users can now change the font treatment to any of their text which are stickers within themselves.


  • On Instagram facial filters haven’t been as strong as its rival. Compared to Snapchat, Insta is just a youngin’ when it comes to filters and it shows. The filters are not as developed, perhaps not as sophisticated looking, and as a user myself I rarely see anyone use them.
  • But, looking at Insta’s photo filters, users love them! Not only does this apply to their stories, but to actual photo posts. Users have a variety of preset filters to choose from which can make an ordinary photo extraordinary. Stories also incorporate a few preset filters, but have some of the best stickers compared to Snapchat. Constant updates keep users entertained and satisfied.

Overall Platform

  • On Snapchat personal messaging is easy and fun with an added level of privacy due to a 24 hr limit on all communication. The platform incorporates fun stickers, facial filters, geofilters, and stories. A user can also follow their favorite celebrities and stay updated with news stories from major publications/companies like The Wall Street Journal or The Daily Mail.
  • On Instagram the photo sharing platform has amassed 800 million users who have created a massive online community. Users can post their own personal photos, share moments in their life, and stay connected by following friends and family. It’s newest update came with stories to encourage users to post photos in a more casual and frequent way than the usual kind of posting. Add filters and stickers to have an even more interactive experience.

The two apps, so similar yet so different, continue to compete for users’ phone screens. Seemingly neck and neck in the battle for your iPhone screen, which one wins you over? Comment below who you think is the winner or tweet us @FLIRTComm!