In honor of FLIRT’s 9th birthday we will be talking about the 9 lives of an event coordinator. The life of an event coordinator or production manager is not a simple stroll through the park. The days are long, but the nights even longer. It is highly challenging and highly rewarding. You need to be constantly expecting the unexpected, because just about anything is possible within the production world (ask us about the fishbowl story sometime). We asked FLIRT’s in house producers the following question: What are the 9 things you couldn’t live without when on the job? Their answers might surprise you! See below:


#1 Phone/Portable Charger

You might say that the smartphone is the right arm of an event producer. Texts, calls, emails, zooming in on an updated floor plan – it takes a lot of battery when you’re running a show.  An event producer always has a second and third back up plan, so a portable charger and backup battery is always close by.


#2 Coffee

Some might call this the key ingredient to our success. When on-site there is no time to lay around and soak up the sun. You need to be constantly on the move and energized even if you’ve failed to get any sleep the night before. Coffee is the production manager’s fuel and afternoon coffee runs are the key to their hearts.


#3 Show Book

Digital or hardcopy, having a well-organized show book is key to putting on a successful event. The book contains anything and everything you need to know about the event. From the rehearsal schedule, contact list, security schedule, floor plan, event schedule, and everything else in between, the Show Book is where to find it.

#4 PA Kit

Now the PA Kit is nothing to mess around with. The Show Book might have all the information you need, but the PA Kit has everything you might need and more (including twizzlers). The PA Kit not only has the necessary equipment for the event but also contains a makeup kit, safety kit, and not one but two office supply kits. The PA Kit is kind of a big deal.

#5 Gum/Mints

Having plenty of gum or mints at the event is critical not only for yourself but for the people around you. We mentioned how much event producers love coffee right?  Gum and mints, my friends, gum and mints.

#6 Comfortable Shoes

When you’re on site you don’t have the luxury to walk on comfortable carpets and rugs like at the office. Nope, you’re walking on thick warehouse concrete all day every day and easily clocking 20,000 steps on your Fitbit.  That is why having a pair of comfortable shoes is not just a suggestion it’s a necessity.

#7 Zen Meditation

The life of a production manager can be very overwhelming at times, especially during an event. Taking even 5 quick minutes to center and refocus keeps you refreshed and destressed. Our favorite meditation app? Headspace!

#8 Fitbit (Step Counter)

Is having a Fitbit really a necessity for production managers? We say YES, especially if you want to join in on a friendly competition with friends and co-workers. On-site you’re constantly on the move running from place to place, so why not document all steps you take? You’d be surprised how quickly they add up (see: wear comfortable shoes).  And once you see those numbers add up, it’s a great excuse to try out the local delishes in your event town

#9 Sense of Humor

Maintaining your sense of humor is hands down the most important. This is an easy one, because we love what we do! When there’s a last minute change or something goes awry (which it will at some point) keeping a sense of humor is important for yourself, but also all the people working with or around you.

Images Courtesy of The Fix,, Cstoreproductsonline, Footlocker, and Amagi Metal