Learning to code HTML is like learning a new language. It’s riddled with new vocabulary, sentence structures, rules, and exceptions. Even the most proficient programmers need a point of reference every once and a while. That’s why we’re loving this HTML cheat sheet courtesy of digital.com. It lists all HTML tags and includes their definition, attributes and examples of usage.

This resource not only bridges the gap between inexperienced and expert coders, it also confirms the lasting flexibility and ingenuity of HTML as the digital world continues to grow.

From Tom Keller at Digital.com:

The Language of the Internet Has Come of Age

When Tim Berners-Lee famously helped to change the way we live our lives a few decades ago his stellar contribution also included Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML as we all know it as.

HTML has evolved rather than be superseded and consigned to extinction and HTML5 is the latest version that serves as proof of its staying power as a blueprint for how everything comes together on the internet.

cheat sheet that covers the full range of HTML elements and how to use the coding to its full extent is testament to how HTML has managed to come of age and is just as relevant today as it was back in 1991 when it was invented.

Images Courtesy of Digital.com