Secrets of event app successWe’ve been talking about event apps for a while now. It’s been fun! We’ve had a blast. But, are you really enjoying reading all of these ideas, tips, tricks and learned wisdom in little drips and drabs? Wouldn’t you rather stop eating the little appetizers and sit down to the Thanksgiving dinner of event app knowledge?

We’ve taken all of our event app experience turned it into 29 pages of gold. These are the secrets that got us to 85% download rates (at an open event, no less), that gets super high engagement rates and insanely positive survey results, that help organizations discover who their most influential employees are, that helps people connect during and after events.

We hold nothing back. And it’s yours, free. 

These are the Cliff’s Notes on event app success: no filler. no fluff, just cut to the chase. All you need to do is subscribe to our free monthly newsletter.

secrets-of-event-app-success-coverWhat’s in this amazing document?

  • Our Mobile Manifesto, which describes why mobile is taking over the world and will help convince the doubters in your organization
  • The argument for why your event needs a mobile solution of some sort
  • The difference between a mobile solution and a social media plan (and when to use either)
  • Infographic on how to choose a mobile solution
  • How to mobilize your content
  • Infographic on all the elements to consider for a successful event app launch
  • The secrets of app implementation and launch to get higher download and use rates
  • How to measure the value of your event app project

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Happy Holidays from FLIRT!


Before we modified the image, it was originally from the classic Hyperbole and a Half, whom we adore.