pinThis March, Nick and I traveled to South by Southwest’s interactive segment to see the latest and greatest in the tech space and hear from the industry’s leading innovators. One of our biggest takeaways was gleaned from an interview session with Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann on the importance of beautiful visual design. Inspired by this session, FLIRT wanted to take a look at some cools ways companies in our industry are using Pinterest. Here are some of the best practices I found, in between searching for cupcake recipes:

Create an employee board

Use this space to showcase the heart and soul of your organization – your people! Making each employee a “pin” on your employee board allows your audience to make a personal connection with your brand/company.  As a best practice, link that employee’s “pin” to their bio on your company website or Linkedin page so the reader has an opportunity to learn more about your company and have a place to follow up. One company that has a great employee board is Real Simple

Document your travels

Here at FLIRT, it seems like someone on our team is always on a plane to a FLIRT event, meeting or industry conference. Pinterest is a perfect outlet to document all the places your work takes you. Post pictures of your team under the St. Louis arch or wearing a 10 gallon hat in San Antonio, have fun with it! Nick and I took tons of photos of our experience at SXSW and loved sharing them with the FLIRT team, why not share them with our followers too?

Inspire creativity and innovation

FLIRT holds monthly inspiration lunches where each team member shares a thought, campaign, piece of art, song, anything that has recently inspired them. We each share a story about the piece and brainstorm how we can apply it to our business.  We’ve been discussing how to create a visual representation of all the great ideas that come out of those meetings and an inspiration board on Pinterest is a perfect solution. Letting your employees express themselves creatively fosters innovation and is a best practice easily achieved through Pinterest’s easy-to-use design.

Check out FLIRT’s Pinterest! How have you seen brands and companies use pinterest to elevate their employee communications?