Chicago Ideas Week 

FLIRT Communications joined the annual city-wide conference, Chicago Ideas Week, to host a lab on How to Present Effecctively. 

The Challenge

After years of attending Chicago Ideas Week, an annual week-long conference where global thought leaders and innovators speak on a variety of topics, FLIRT Communications felt it was time that we finally got in on the action. We teamed up with Chicago Ideas Week to host an interactive lab aimed at sharing our expertise in crafting dynamic presentations. Our goal was for attendees to walk away armed with tangible, immediate tools to make them more confident in creating and delivering effective presentations.

The Solution

Our solution had two parts. The first was to show two presentations; one good and one bad, and have our attendees break down with us what worked and what didn’t in each. With those presentations serving as examples, we shared the FLIRT 5 strategies and tactics we use to create focused and targeted business presentations. These include educating, surprising & delighting, interacting and creating believers out of your audience.

With these new tools in hand, we asked our attendees to create their own 3-minute presentation about Chicago (in keeping with the theme of Chicago Ideas Week) and utilizing the FLIRT 5 as a guide. We gave them sample PowerPoint slides, example facts and statistics, videos, and provided a FLIRT facilitator to help assemble the presentation. Before sending them into their groups, we got them started with a public speaking warm-up led by one of our own FLIRTies, a university speech professor and expert, to relax and prepare our attendees for their presentations and allow their best qualities to shine through. We then gave the groups 25 minutes to put it all together.

The OUtcome

We were delighted by the remarkable level of creativity and diversity in the presentations the groups created in such a short amount of time. They bonded together quickly with total strangers, and created highly individualized presentations and ways of engaging with the audience. We saw unique applications of the FLIRT 5, such as intro music setting the tone from their own Spotify playlists, to personal stories of what coming to Chicago from countries as far away as India has meant for them. We could not be more thrilled with the creative thinking, furious note taking and engaged responses from the group. The enthusiasm of our attendees truly made this lab a success.

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