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The Challenge

Content Marketing World is the world’s largest content marketing conference and expo. FLIRT provided the event app for CMWorld in 2012 and 2013 with great success. After a two-year break, CMWorld approached FLIRT and wanted us to bring the magic back for their 2016 app. Because most attendees at CMW eat, sleep and breathe tech, delivering a successful mobile event app for this event was no small task. The main goals from the client perspective were to make the app a useful tool to navigate the conference, encourage sharing and networking and have some fun in the process.

The Solution

FLIRT created engaging pre-show and on-site communications and games leveraging the CMWorld 2016 theme “Content Strikes Back.” The app launched on August 1, 2016; a full month before the conference, to allow attendees ample time to get acquainted with the technology and start networking with their peers right away. We provided tips and tools on how to best utilize the event app in order to elevate their conference experience. The built-in app activity feed allowed users to start sharing and connecting right away. We even saw attendees organizing morning runs with the new connections they made through the app.

Blending high tech with high touch, FLIRT designed two engagement activities centered around the meeting theme designed to increase app engagement. Our first challenge to attendees was to arrange all 7 Star Wars posters in order of release date. Attendees lined up to participate in this game and competed for the fastest time. Attendees challenged friends and strangers alike to beat their time and ran up and down the halls racing to place the posters in the correct order. This caused quite a buzz and organically grew into a much talked about activity at the event. The fastest time was an amazing 15 seconds! We promoted this activity in the app and posted the daily high scores along with pictures of the proud winners so that attendees could like and congratulate those in the lead.

Our second app activity was “Yo, Where’s Yoda?” Content Marketing World featured a large trade show floor and FLIRT strategically hid a highly coveted Yoda bobble head in select sponsor booths. We released clues to Yoda’s location in the app activity feed through the promoted post feature. The first attendee to find Yoda at the designated booth and return him to the app desk won a prize. Over the two days we ran this game, it became so popular that we had attendees running up to our app desk asking if Yoda had been found yet. This activity not only encouraged attendees to visit the trade show floor and interact with sponsors, but also kept their eyes glued to the app.

Over the course of four days

app actions

photos shared

status updates

survey questions completed


The intuitive design of the app and its features certainly increased app engagement due to ease of use. Assigning points to various app interactions through the leaderboard feature encouraged attendees to use the app more frequently and in the areas that were most desirable. The push message and promoted post technology allowed us to promote the app activities which drove traffic to sponsor booths, reinforced key messages and elevated the conference theme.

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