Medical Device Company

Product Launch + National Sales Meeting

We made them laugh and made them cry…

The Challenge/Goals

Create excitement around a two-phased product launch.

Inspire the sales force to disrupt the market with a revolutionary new medical device.

Ensure that the audience could experience the product and understand how dramatically it will change the lives of their patients.


  • We made them laugh and made them cry…
  • A “newbie sales rep” interrupter became the emcee of the conference. This added the audience perspective, comedic interludes and continuity.
  • The impact through the eyes of the patient as delivered by spoken word artist Sekou Andrews delivered an emotional punch that brought many to tears.
  • The awards winners were celebrated with a completely transformed environment that leveraged glitz and glamour combined with Texas bling!

The Solution

A connected, progressive theme and content focused on disrupting the market that spanned the two-phase launch. Key stakeholders were all represented in the launch including the voice of the sales team, leadership team, patient, healthcare professionals and market analysts. An intriguing pre-show campaign included an exciting video that teased the product launch theme and an attendee “ask” to share their enthusiasm about the new opportunity. Keeping with the theme of disruption, we turned the meeting upside down – from the flow of the event to the staging and the powerful super-wide screen graphics – every experience was surprisingly new and unique from prior meetings. Training sessions integrated into our event mobile app with daily quizzes on key learnings reinforced the messages.

We’ve received a ton of compliments – we could not have done it without you and all of the countless hours you each put in to make it successful.


Company stock soared post-launch, generating news stories and awareness among competitors and market analysts.

Leadership maintained the enthusiasm in the field with a post-show campaign focused on key learnings and highlighting success stories.

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