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FLIRT <3’s Chicago.  Nearly all of our staff were born and raised in The Second City, and the love of our hometown runs deep. 
We’re proud to contribute our time, energy and creativity to make a difference in some amazing organizations:

 The Firehouse Community Arts Center 
The Firehouse Community Arts Center engages the Lawndale Community in the arts, with a mission to empower youth and young adults between ages 12- and 24-year-olds to go deeper, stretch wider and reach higher than they ever imagined they could. The Firehouse provides training and certification to an underserved community. FLIRT and The Firehouse have been working together for years to ensure the success and growth of their work and it has become an organization that FLIRT considers extended family.

After School Matters 
After School Matters offers Chicago teens innovative after-school programs to give them a productive outlet for their interests and skills while providing opportunities for their futures. High school students get a chance to work in the field of their choice through hands-on apprenticeships and internships. These opportunities expose them to rewarding careers and aid in their development of marketable skills that the students can put to use in college, the workplace and their everyday lives. After School Matters believes that “teens have a future and adults need to help them get there.” 


The FLIRT Internship Program 
One of the things we’re most proud of at FLIRT is our robust internship program. We’ve had over 30 interns who have helped us do everything from coordinate our events, design award-winning campaigns for our clients and juggle 15 coffees at once. These amazing students from local Chicago colleges such as Loyola, De Paul, Columbia and Roosevelt have gone on to incredible careers worldwide. For more information on FLIRT’s internship program, email bkozlarek@flirtcommunications.com


Women’s Business Enterprise National Council & the Women’s Business Development Center
FLIRT is proud to be a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. We are delighted to be a part of the empowering community of female business owners and strive to support diversity in the workplace. 


Staying in touch with FLIRT is something we think you should do more often. So contact us or check out our blog, and don't be a stranger!

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