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Digital Engagement Campaign: Get In

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After achieving their three-year growth plan goal, a long-time healthcare client reached out to FLIRT to help them develop a new goal for their sales force; on a professional level, to improve relationships and communications between team members. On a personal level, find a way to recognize and celebrate the unheralded contributions individuals were making every day in their communities.



After spending time talking with the executive team, sales force and even customers, FLIRT determined that to motivate and inspire the client’s team we needed to develop a non-traditional yearlong communications campaign. To be a success, it had to be unique from past initiatives, energetic, engaging and visual. So FLIRT designed a campaign that provided opportunities to engage and interact with team members outside of the work environment and included full team participation, from leadership on down. We created a dedicated space to capture and recognize the untold stories of what team members are doing for their customers and communities.


And the rally cry was “Get In”

The Get In Campaign was a digital community platform that used a custom, mobile-friendly website to collect stories from the sales team.   Before launching “Get In,” FLIRT spent additional time discussing and pressure testing the campaign with an internal client working group including sales managers, directors, VPs and executives. 


We then launched the 12-month communications campaign that assigned different activities to each region of the sales force each quarter. Every three months, each region would get an email kicking off the quarterly activity.  One quarter the team wrote a personal bucket list and crossed something off of it. Another had them working alongside a customer in their pharmacy. They also worked together as a team to plan and complete a charitable activity. They shared photographs and stories of iconic landmarks in their communities that inspired them on a daily basis. These stories, activities and experiences were all uploaded to the Get In website. The site also had a social component, giving team members the ability to sort by sales team, upload photos and comment or “like” each other’s posts.



Within a few weeks, the Get In website was filled with stories and pictures of people fulfilling bucket list items like skydiving, learning to play instruments and finishing their first 5k. Teams came together to volunteer at food banks, run coat drives, participate in charity walks and donate gifts to children in need during the holiday season. Team members proudly shared photos and stories of their experiences working with pharmacists and their staff for an entire day, gathering new insights and creating new connections with their customers. They shared places in their communities where they reached personal milestones with family and friends and even bragged about the best doughnuts in town and the famous Cincinnati chili.


Over the course of 12 months, the 350 person sales force connected with each other by sharing over 800 stories and 1,200 photos on the Get In website. The site had over 80,000 page views and team members spent an average of over 10 minutes exploring the site per visit.


But the immeasurable success of Get In was the countless instances where the campaign allowed the sales force to share something vital, new and interesting. It has created a new culture where individuals can reach out to others, whether to help in the field, offer encouragement, build stronger relationships or simply learn more about each other.


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