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Our team has deep roots in the event industry, and we’ll always be known for blockbuster conferences and meetings. We’re proud of that.

But FLIRT started, as the name suggests, with a desire for something more. A realization that events don’t happen in a vacuum – or even just a ballroom. The conversation is always on… and we don’t miss opportunities. So we meet your audiences where they are. In lounge spaces. At their desks, before and after events. On their smartphones and tablets. 

We’re in the Business of Attraction©, after all. That includes:

Corporate events, meetings and experiences


Focused and ongoing digital and experiential campaigns

Employee, vendor/partner & customer engagement  

Award and recognition programs and events

Digital and social media engagement 


Launch initiatives

Training and performance improvement


Executive speech writing and coaching



Trade show concepting 


Every company has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. And every industry has its quirks. At FLIRT, we’re quick studies – with a history of jumping right in with companies big and small in a variety of business sectors. Learning new lexicons, researching industry norms… all in a day’s work. So while we’re ready to tackle any industry you may be in, here are a few in which we’ve already destroyed the learning curve:

Automotive             Healthcare 
Insurance     Strategic Corporate Consulting
Pharmaceutical   Technology Products and Services 
Medical Supply/Technology   Consumer Products
Industrial Supply   Education
Banking   Destination and Logistical Management 


Check out the list of clients who can attest to our expertise. 

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