We're a lot like a hot fudge sundae – smooth and sweet, with a bunch of nuts. And yes, we sing a lot. No, we're not good at it.

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Around here, the walls are thin (and in places, non-existent). So we’ve carefully chosen very smart people who like to have a little fun, too. Big resumes, without big heads. Jocks and Jedis. Fro-yo enthusiasts. People who were around when hashtags were just pound signs and folks whose births were posted on YouTube. We’ve got idea people, detail people, some young, some wise – all originals. If you could choose your family, it would look something like this. Like any clan, we howl at our own jokes. Tease each other mercilessly. And, we challenge each other… backstop each other’s big ideas… and roll up our sleeves. 

Click to learn more about each of us, and when you're done, check out how FLIRT came to be in our Family History.


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