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In 2007, Paul Petan, a highly successful account executive at a large corporate events company, had a vision to start his own communications agency. Though he wanted to continue to deliver outstanding services and solutions for his clients’ important annual events, Paul realized an opportunity to provide more value by creating opportunities to engage partner audiences on a more meaningful level throughout the year.  

To compliment his strategic vision and corporate communications expertise, Paul assembled a team of professionals who had diverse backgrounds in the fine arts, design, theater and film, music and experiential marketing. Together they developed a philosophy and approach that would attract audiences emotionally through head and heart to inspire passion and action. 

FLIRT Communications, The Business of Attraction, was born in the spring of 2008.  The name FLIRT was chosen because it was distinctive, provocative and would be certain to trigger conversations.

Paul and the FLIRT team have always believed in the importance of every single conversation and interaction. Evocative conversations lead to ongoing dialogues, better understanding and partnership, successes, and long lasting relationships.

FLIRT quickly became noted as an agency with fresh and unique ideas, a motivated and energetic staff, killer solutions and flawless execution. Through Paul’s engaging personality and mantra of Think Positive, (TNK POS as his license plate stated) Paul built a culture at FLIRT where team members are highly driven and committed to the success of every client.

Through the years FLIRT has become defined by Paul’s most important value – family, and those values of caring, support, compassion and sense of humor extend to all of our relationships. In 2012, Paul invited Kari McGlinnen and Pete Burns to join him as FLIRT partners.

As FLIRT continually grows to include more areas of expertise, the self-proclaimed FLIRTies are constantly challenging themselves and each other to expand their capabilities and grow professionally and personally.

Although Paul’s courageous battle with lymphoma came to an end in 2014, his spirit, passion and core beliefs continue to be the driving force behind FLIRT.

We look forward to honoring Paul’s legacy and carrying on his vision.   


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