Virtual Events

Even if you can’t gather your entire audience in a single spot, we can help you develop a strategy that ensures that you can still reach them all at once. Whether it’s in the ballroom or on a smartphone, FLIRT will make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

The Challenge

Seemingly overnight, the event industry shifted from live to virtual events. Presented with a sudden and immediate need for urgent employee communications, companies across all industries found themselves trying to arm their organizations with the information they need to succeed in a drastically changed market.

The challenge for FLIRT was to craft custom and effective communications solutions for each of our clients, utilizing virtual technology, abiding by safety guidelines and reaching audiences in their homes across the country and the world. And more importantly, create a meaningful and engaging event that would connect, inform and prepare the teams for the challenges ahead.

The Solution

In response to this challenge, FLIRT used our vast experience as communicators and producers to guide our clients towards the virtual solution that best fit their needs. We considered their goals, key messages, technology set-up and desired attendee experience to determine the right features and priorities for each organization’s virtual event. 

As always, we helped craft their messaging through all stages of production and leveraged our expertise to reach their entirely virtual audience. Each virtual event was completely customized to the organization, and was a unique event experience, different from any other virtual meeting their attendees had attended before.

Highlights from our virtual events

virtual attendees across 5 countries

Avg minutes viewed, vs 53-minute Industry standard

Virtual presenters

virtual meetings completed & in development


  • A global broadcast for a leading MRO company featuring guest speakers from multiple industries, all broadcasting from their own homes using professional-quality recording kits designed and provided by FLIRT.
  • A live meeting converted to a virtual town-hall, webcast from a studio space while still following social distancing guidelines, within a week after the stay-at-home orders were issued, to ensure there was no delay for the company’s employees receiving the plan for this new future.
  • A technology IT summit with over a dozen presenters from different organizations utilizing branded backdrops and graphics to create a consistent and professional presenter environment across the entire week long event.

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