Andy Flanagan

Business Development

Andy has worked virtually every job in the industry, from set up and strike crew all the way to Account Director and Executive Producer. Andy’s diverse background includes early stints working in logging camps and paper mills, writing & producing plays, and managing a small theater company. These experiences have taught him to listen well, understand the business needs and corporate cultures of our clients, and to communicate on our clients’ behalf to the rest of the team.

Right brain:

Andy’s right brain comes from his mother who gave him his gift of gab, his love of music and his interest in live theater.

His shirts and ties are probably his most visible expression of creativity

Left brain:

His left brain comes from his father, a chemist, from whom he inherited his love of woodworking, home repair, crossword puzzles and especially science—the science of mixology! Ask him about his signature cocktail—the FLIRTini.