DiAnna Michel

Account Management

As Director of Account Management, DiAnna brings remarkable insight, clarity, and solutions to the corporate communication challenges our clients face. Before joining FLIRT, DiAnna spent more than 10 years on the communications and marketing teams at a Fortune 50 health services company where she managed a large, multi-faceted consumer, customer and internal annual sales event and trade show. Her invaluable experiences in that role has given DiAnna a unique and personally relevant understanding of our clients. She knows how a client thinks and what they need, because she has walked many miles in their shoes. With this perspective, she has built an extensive track record of success meeting client goals and business benchmarks.

Right brain:

What do basket tosses, partner stunting and tumbling have in common? DiAnna! She was a cheerleader all throughout college and has a natural ability to pep up any meeting.

Drama Mamma: DiAnna is mom to four girls, from college to junior high. “There is always someone crying in my house…usually it is my husband.”

Left brain:

There’s a spreadsheet for that! In another life DiAnna would have been a travel planner. Every family vacation comes complete with a multi-page spreadsheet with detail down to the hour.

She didn’t get the nickname “Pac-Man” for nothin’ – DiAnna is a born multi-tasker, and has been known to check multiple things off the list before there’s even a list.